Neuro-oncology (tumors of the brain, meninges, spinal cord and nerves).

The diagnosis of a tumor is often accompanied by questions and times of insecurity. For this purpose, patients can make an appointment on short notice in our dedicated consultation hours and take advantage of an initial consultation with a physician specialized in neuro-oncology (Tel.: +49(0)381 494-6439).


The interdisciplinary treatment of neuro-oncological tumors is of utmost importance. All neurooncological patients are discussed in an interdisciplinary conference and an individual treatment plan is agreed upon among all specialties involved in the treatment of patients with these diseases (Neuroradiology, radiation oncology, nuclear medicine, neuro-oncology).


Usually, the individual neuro-oncological concept includes the goal of microsurgical complete resection while avoiding permanent neurological deficits. For tumor removal, the Department of Neurosurgery has the latest apparative methods at its disposal (surgical microscopes, frameless neuronavigation, ALA fluorescence tumor labeling, neuroendoscopy). The removal of tumors in areas of particular functional importance is performed under continuous neurophysiological monitoring permanently monitored by a physician specialized in electrophysiology/neuromonitoring. At the Rostock University Medical Center, several disciplines work together at the highest level to achieve the best possible outcome. As mentioned before, this includes joint treatment of the patient by neuroradiology, neuroanesthesia, surgical intensive care, pathology, oncology, radiation therapy, neuropsychology, as well as patient-oriented nursing experienced in dealing with neuro-oncological diseases. The treatment spectrum includes brain metastases, gliomas, meningiomas, acoustic neuromas, pituitary adenomas, epidermoids, craniopharyngeomas, Von Hippel–Lindau disease (VHL) and other, rare malignancies.