Spinal Neurosurgery - Spinal Surgery

The major focus of spinal treatment in our department is both the diagnosis and the conservative as well as surgical treatment of diseases of or injuries to the spinal column, the spinal canal, the spinal cord as well as the nerve roots.


Our treatment spectrum includes the treatment of:


Herniated discs,

Narrowing of the spinal canal (spinal stenosis),

instability (spondylolisthesis),

Tumors of the spinal cord and spinal meninges,


bone tumors,

congenital malformations (spina bifida),

injuries or tumor-related fractures of the vertebral bodies (fractures),

inflammation/infections of the spine (spondylodiscitis).


In planned cases, please contact us via our outpatient department (Phone.: +49(0)381 494-6439).

Here, patients are examined in detail and given individual advice. The aim is to determine a he least invasive therapy concept suitable for the individual disease/patient.

As part of the outpatient, non-operative treatment options, there is the possibility of facet joint infiltration or periradicular therapy (PRT), which we perform in collaboration with the Institute of Radiology (Chairman Prof. Dr. Weber).

If surgical treatment is indicated, it is usually performed minimally invasive or microsurgically and, in the case of interventions on the spinal cord, under continuous neurophysiological monitoring.